Photograph editing Some of the processes
It’s the process of transforming an ordinary photograph and making it into a great photograph!

Photograph editing is the process of modifying, or altering, photographs on a computer with powerful digital editing software. The process is frequently referred to as photo post-processing, retouching and photo manipulation.

It’s the process of improving, enhancing and refining, correcting and balancing a photograph’s tonal values e.g. focus, exposure and contrast, luminosity, colour values, sharpness and overall visual clarity.

It’s a creative process aimed at dramatically transforming the content, or subject matter, of a photograph e.g. radically altering various elements within the photograph’s composition to improve the way scenes, objects or people look.

Editing can also involve completely changing the look of a photograph by adding, swapping and or removing elements such as people, animals, material objects etc.; even replacing or deleting backgrounds and skies.

I use powerful photo editing software tools and techniques to technically and artistically make the photographs I take.

Make your photos into great photos!
If you ask me, I will happily transform the photographs you have taken and make them into great photographs!  Phone me: 0777  856  5776 or Email me: to ask

    • Tone/colour/contrast correction/refinement
    • Enhance/alter/recompose subject elements
    • Skin/body imperfection touch-ups
    • Remove unwanted subjects/elements
    • Background/setting removal or replacement
    • Sky replacement
    • Convert film prints/negatives/slides to digital
    • Resize/reformat/optimise photos for print
    • Photo enlargement for print
    • Printing – (Giclée ink-jet)
    • Digital scanning

Important old photos!
Scanning old photo-prints and negatives and converting them to a digital format is a great way of preserving important memories: of loved ones and friends, of things and places and of significant and important events and celebrations.

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