Bastet, also called Bast, ancient Egyptian goddess worshiped in the form of a lioness and later a cat. The daughter of Re, the sun god, Bastet was an ancient deity whose ferocious nature was ameliorated after the domestication of the cat around 1500 bce.

An example

Makers of photographs are artistic photographers who transform their photographs into fine art?

There is a photographic genre called fine art photography. It’s also called photographic art or artistic photography.

Whatever it’s called, the essence of the genre is that the photographer captures images of elected subjects – be they inanimate objects, scenes, people, places, activities, events, or whatever, etc. – and renders them in conceptually unique, at times abstract and even surreal, perspectives.

The primary difference between fine art photographers and commercial or hobbyist photographers is that they invariably always approach their work with the mindset of an artist. It is this artistic approach that creates a photographs tone, feelings, impressions, and atmosphere.

Thus, it is that fine art photographer always err toward the aesthetics of a subject rather than a simple recording of it.

And finally, fine art photographers, like all serious artists, invariably always come from the heart, striving to create aesthetically pleasing pictures that tell a unique and compelling story.


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