Copyright and the use of my photographs.



All of the photographs on my website are protected by copyright.
You can, if you want to, download any of them to your personal computer, tablet, or smart phone for general reference or study purposes, but you can’t reproduce any of them in any online, print or electronic medium without my permission. It’s easy to get my permission. Simply ask me for it by phoning me on 0777 8565776 or sending me an email via my Contact form. I don’t withhold permission unreasonably, but I will want to know which photograph(s) you want to use, for what purpose, when, how often and in what medium, or range of media, it will appear.

Copyright and author attribution requirements.

If I give permission , it may be conditional on you including a copyright notice with an attribution to me and a link to my website.  Below are some examples of how I’d like an attribution should appear.

For or online use:
Symbol © or Copyright Maarten Roes Francken ( Reproduced with permission.”

For use in print and all other media:
“Symbol © or Copyright Maarten Roes Francken. Reproduced with permission.”
N.B. No attribution is required for any photograph acquired – e.g. bought – under a “Rights Managed” licence agreement.

Please note that all of the photographs on my website are digitally marked and can be tracked.
Taking and using a photographer’s work without permission is stealing. Those who steal their photographs could face prosecution for theft. They may also have to pay damages to the photographer for breach of copyright. For information about the law pertaining to copyright, please see: