Photography. It’s an art. A mix of creativity and  technical expertise.
Me, photographed, retouched and restored.


Mainly, I take and make photographs just for me. But I also take and make them for other people too.

My work includes photographing landscapes, interesting places, objects of beauty and cultural interest, events and occasions, worldly oddities,  people, buildings, flora, fauna and …

I print and display my work and I post it on various social media, special interest, and photographic stock library websites. And my really, really good photographs are for sale. [Sales enquiries to …]

Post-processing (retouching)
Whether taking and making photographs just for me or for other people, my photographs undergo digital post-processing which ensures that the final 

image is of the highest quality of visual, and tonal, acuity e.g. sharpness, clarity, detail, colour hue and balance, composition …

Photo restoration
I also restore damaged physical photos almost to their original condition. e.g. old photographic prints, black and white or colour which have been damaged by natural, man-made, or environmental causes, age or sheer neglect. I begin a restoration by making an electronic photocopy of the original. Using a variety of sophisticated digital editing tools and techniques, I work on the copy to repair visible damage such as tears, creases and scratches and remove dirt, stains, fading, colour casts and evidence of age. I can even reconstruct and replace bits of a photo that have been torn or are missing completely.

Before finally quitting the commercial rat-race to pursue a creative lifestyle in photography, I worked in advertising, marketing services, public relations and website development. Prior to that, I served in the British Royal Navy. I live in Herefordshire in England.