Mainly, I make photographs just for me. Sometimes for other people. And some of the photographs I make are for sale. I photograph landscapes, seascapes and coastal scenes, interesting places, objects and curiosities, people, structures, flora, fauna and elements of the natural world.

I print and frame some of my work. Some of it I post on certain social media and special interest websites. And some I contribute to online photograph stock libraries. 

Whether making photographs just for me or others, all my photographs are  post-processed to ensure a high-quality result.

Photograph restoration
I also restore damaged photographs, prints which have suffered ageing, environmental, bacterial or insectian damage. Using a variety of advanced digital scanning and editing techniques, I repair tears, creases and scratches; remove dirt, stains, fading, colour casts and evidence of age. I can even reconstruct and replace bits of a photo that are completely missing.

My backstory
Before quitting the commercial rat-race I worked in advertising, marketing services, public relations and website development. And before that, I served in the Fleet Air Arm branch of the British Royal Navy. I live in Herefordshire in England. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society.