Making photographs!

I’ve been a taking photographs for fifteen years.

But, for the past 5 years I’ve only been making them. (After taking taken them, of course)

Why the distinction between taking and making photographs?
Firstly, taking photographs is easy? Point-and-shoot! Simply point your camera at an object, a scene, somebody or at anything you like the look of, and press the shutter button. And Voilà! you end up with a snapshot!

Taking a photograph properly is one thing.
However, being technically skilled e.g. knowing how properly to calibrate a camera to take pin-sharp, well composed and perfectly exposed photographs means you end up with technically good snapshots.

Making a photograph that tells a compelling story is quite another.
To “make” a photograph means being able to create a beautifully composed picture that tells a compelling story which embodies crucial details, emotions, iconic and unique occasions, and unique perspectives, with perfect clarity, texture, tonality and colour.

Making great photographs.
To make great photographs (which I strive to do) requires more than just knowing how to use a camera properly.  A photographer needs to be a skilled and inspirational artist, too with a exhaustive knowledge of image editing software types, tools and techniques.

Striving to make great photographs.
I do strive to make great photographs. Doing so has involved me in years of learning, sheer hard work, infinite practice, and bags of artistic inspiration.

Making photographs for who and what?
I mostly make photographs for me, some of which I print, frame and hang. If asked, I’ll take and make them for other people, too. And I post some of my photographs on certain social media and special interest websites and online stock photography libraries.

After full-time higher education, I served in the Fleet Air Arm branch of the British Royal Navy mucking about in “budgies”. After resigning from naval service, I began a career in advertising, marketing services and public relations.

And now?
I spend my days taking and making (trying to make!) great photographs. In addition to taking and making photographs for myself (and sometimes for other people), I am also a photographer for the online home for high quality photographs of every public work of art and art collection in the UK.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society.

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